Imagen del Center NEIKER Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development

WORKING FOR THE BASQUE AGRO-LIVESTOCK AND FORESTRY SECTOR We help to improve competitiveness of the sector, preserve our environment, conserve our native species and breeds and guarantee food safety. NEIKER has been developing this work, since its birth in 1851, thanks to the efforts of a group of very highly qualified professionals who enjoy international recognition. We are a public body dedicated to providing a service to our production fabric and to society; we are committed to a management model fashioned on the basis of excellence and in keeping with internationally recognised quality criteria. Thanks to its capacity, the team generates knowledge and innovative, transferable solutions which contribute added value and improve the competitiveness of the agri-food and forestry sector. NEIKER carries out this work according to the objectives established by the Basque Government Ministry of Economic Development and Infrastructures, maintaining a great deal of respect for the environment and the sustainability of our surroundings while actively contributing to local economic and social development.



Sede Arkaute, Campus Agroalimentario de Arkaute, N-104, km. 355 - 01192 Arkaute (Álava) / Sede Derio, Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, c/ Berreaga, 1 - 48160 Derio (Bizkaia)